We are a team of faculty and students from the University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley working in theoretical Computer Science. Our primary interest is in the field of algorithmic self-assembly. Algorithmic self-assembly is a relatively new research area that has great potential for applications in a wide range of fields from nanotechnology to biomedical technology.

Our team has expertise in many areas, and thus our research is not limited to this field, but it is our main focus. Beyond the theoretical results, we host several software projects for research and education listed on the software page. All software is hosted on github and open-source.

We are always looking for new collaborators and students, so please email if interested. We also host the weekly Xtreme Algorithms, so come find out what we’re working on and join in.


HackR Proceedings

The HackR hackathon was a lot of fun and had some really great results. The proceedings are now online here. Thanks to everyone for a great event! ...

ASARG Sponsored Research Hackathon

ASARG is sponsoring a research hackathon, which is like a 24-hour workshop, where teams of students work on problems and write a short paper. The event is free for students with shirts, prizes, food, etc. It will be held December 1-2 at Nerdvana. We're only allowing around 60 students, so ...

Paper accepted in SODA 2019

Our summer efforts have paid off with our paper being accepted into the 30th ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA19).  The paper is titled "Full Tilt: Universal Constructors for General Shapes with Uniform External Forces" with the authors Jose Balanza-Martinez, David Caballero, Angel A. Cantu, Luis Angel Garcia, Austin Luchsinger, ...

New Members

We want to welcome the new members to the research group. Most of the members from the summer are continuing to work with us: Bryan, Tim, David, and Jose. Mauricio finished his LSAMP scholarship and is continuing with the group in research. Our newest member is Ari, who joins the ...

LSAMP Research Scholars

Mauricio Flores, who is working with ASARG as an LSAMP scholar, presented his research at a poster session on July 31. The NSF Louis Stokes Alliance Minority Participation program is very selective with only a handful of students selected each year. They present on their research multiple times with the ...

NSF Grant Awarded!

Robert Schweller and Tim Wylie were just awarded a 3-year NSF grant for the project "Unifying Self-Assembly through Tile Automata." We are extremely excited about the number of opportunities this will open up for the research group. The formal UTRGV announcement of the award is here: http://www.utrgv.edu/en-us/about-utrgv/news/press-releases/2018/july-11-national-science-foundation-awards-grant-to-utrgvs-department-of-computer-science/index.htm Also, our congressman ...


Feel free to email any of us at our university emails, or use the contact form below.
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