Paper accepted to CCCG 2018

Congratulations to Dr. Winslow and his student researchers whose paper Vertex Unfoldings of Orthogonal Polyhedra: Positive, Negative, and Inconclusive Results, will be appearing in the 2018 Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry. The authors are Luis A. Garcia, Andres Gutierrez, and Isaac Ruiz.

ASARG Github is active

For the past few years, our large software projects have lived in github under different personal accounts. We have finally set up ASARG as an organization and all our projects live together. For an overview, see the Software page. The github page is here:

Adding pages

We’re just now getting around to updating the website with many of the projects we have going on. A software page has been added that we we begin outlining some of the simulators we have that are open source and publicly available.

Journal version in Natural Computing

The journal version of “Verification in Staged Tile Self-Assembly” was accepted for publication in Natural Computing. The conference version was published in UCNC 2017 last year. The authors are Robert Schweller, Andrew Winslow, and Tim Wylie.