The ASARG group hosts a weekly research seminar each semester called Xtreme Algorithms. This is the best place to see what we’re up to and get involved. The seminar is designed to be inviting for new researchers and curious students. We share talks based on our research, and we have a lot of workshop sessions to push into other areas.

Occasionally, there’s even food! Games may also follow. Please come and see if you’d like to get involved.

Current Meeting Times: Wednesdays at 2:00 p.m., room EIEAB 2.208.

2019 Fall Semester

8/29 – Angel Cantu is presenting the work that he will present at JCDCG3 next week.

9/4 – Austin Luchsinger and Timothy Gomez presenting open problems in discrete tile self-assembly

9/11 – Probabilistic Assembly of 1 x n lines

9/18 – Presentation of Simulator by Frank Gonzalez and Mason Garza

9/25 – Formula for Single line probability

10/2 – Workshop for multiple lines

10/9 – Simulator update forum

10/16 – Simulator updates and expected results for multiple lines

2019 Spring Semester

1/23 – Austin Luchsinger will present the talk that he gave at the  ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA 2019) on January 9th.

1/31 – Tim Gomez will present an overview of some of the single step complexity results the research group has been working on.

2/7 – Michael Alaniz and Eden Canales will cover some results from a recent paper on sorting polyominoes. The paper is here, and there’s an overview video here as well.

2/14 – Michael and Eden continue the discussion of sorting polyominoes.

2/21 – Open problem posing session.

2/28 – Updates on open problems

3/7 – Here are links to the papers the group will be presenting at the next Xtreme Algorithms meeting. paper1, paper2.

3/14 – Spring Break

3/21 – A special presentation by Dr. Ken Schweller on his work related to interactive and virtual world simulations with Bonobos.

3/28 – Open problem session

4/4 – Tim Gomez on Binary Counter in Full-Tilt with 1x1s

4/11 – Tim Gomez on PSPACE-Completeness of the Full Tilt Occupancy Problem

4/18 – Some open problems were presented and workshopped

2018 Fall Semester

9/6 – First meeting, welcome and overview of ASARG and research/software

9/13 – Angel Cantu on work done for his Engaged scholarship

9/20 – Austin on game complexity results for Nonads from a recent conference.

9/27 – Tim Gomez on external robot motion planning with hardness for relocation in 2 and 3 directions

10/4 – Bryan Guerra and Angel Cantu discuss pattern building in full-tilt with k colors.

10/11 – Austin on showing Tile Automata with sticky transition rules can simulate general Tile Automata.

10/18 – Austin presenting some biologically and privacy motivated self-assembly research about covert computation.

10/25 – Angel presenting some work in the step model.

11/1 – A workshop day based on logic and arithmetic in the full tilt model.

11/8 – Austin covering Becker’s universal constructor in the single step tilt model.

11/15 – Some ideas related to replication and other student projects.

11/22 – Thanksgiving! no meeting.

11/29 – Open problems for Hack Research.

12/6 – Last meeting of the semester. Games!