Students win poster competition

During UTRGV’s E-week every year, they hold a research poster competition for each department. This year, ASARG won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the competition! The winning posters are listed here:

They are:
1st Place:¬†David Caballero, Timothy Gomez, ” Verification in 2-Handed Self-Assembly”

2nd Place: Robert M.¬†Alaniz, David Caballero, Sonya C. Cirlos, Timothy Gomez, Elise Grizzell, Andrew Rodriquez, Armando Tenorio, “Building Squares with Optimal State Complexity in Restricted Active Self-Assembly”

3rd Place: Sony Cirlos, Timothy Gomez, “Assembling Patterned Lines with Freezing Tile Automata”